Girls Who Flee From Home Are Not Criminals
Tuesday 25 Aug 15

So the government report that Arjomandi had referenced is a positive development regarding the issue of young women fleeing from the conditions in their homes. In a regime where every social problem is propagated to be the work of “the enemy,” the government report is a landmark.

The Iranian Woman Will Be Unveiled in 2025!

There is plenty of reason to be concerned about Talai’s idea. He seems to have received classified information that makes him claim that “enemies” have been creating plans for Iran. He has apparently learned that the enemy has plans to unveil the Iranian woman by 2025 in the streets.

Rape of Young Girl in Iran Met with Muted Response
Sunday 09 Aug 15

Kar said, “In Iran’s courts there are many factors that influence a judge’s decision in a rape case (...) The courts would claim that such incidents were consensual because there should be no reason for a woman to be in the residence of a man who is a stranger.”

Female Genital Mutilation Practised in Iran, Study Reveals
Tuesday 09 Jun 15

Mehrangiz Kar, a leading Iranian human rights lawyer, said it was tragic that such mutilation was carried out by women. “It’s one of those instances where the violence against women is carried out by women in unhygienic circumstances,” she told the Guardian. “In areas where FGM exists, unfortunately it’s usually the mothers who insist that their daughters should be cut.”

Verdicts Often Set Before Trials Take Place in Iran’s Revolutionary Courts

“The revolutionary courts are a very powerful tool for hard-liners to challenge reformists,” said Mehrangiz Kar, a lawyer who once argued cases in the revolutionary courts and later was a defendant accused of espionage and propaganda against the Islamic Republic. She now lives in suburban Washington.

Iran’s Human Rights Trap and the Nuclear Deal
Friday 10 Apr 15

We must wait, and then find new tools to challenge the Islamic Republic’s systematic and pervasive violation of human rights —tools that will take into account the new realities of Iran and the world.

Shot from Behind: Two Irans, Both Denied Freedom
Saturday 31 Jan 15

We do not want to leave our traditional political culture behind. The essence of liberty has yet to run in our veins.

Reliance on Ethnocentric Solutions Equates to Deceiving Women

We expect the regime to respect the very international documents which it has signed and whose provisions it has pledged to respect and implement.