Iran and South Africa: A Comparative Study
Monday 01 Sep 14

The writer, who had an opportunity to closely learn the knowledge and experience of nonviolent opposition in South Africa, recommends that the similarities and the differences of these two movements must be closely studied.

Could Iran's high profile executions change capital punishment laws?
Saturday 17 May 14

The authoritarian nature of the state makes Brown University's Mehrangiz Kar, a prominent human rights lawyer, skeptical about Iran's ability to reform capital punishment laws according to its own rules.

Ward 350 of Evin Prison is Peaceful?
Friday 02 May 14

To Mr. Rouhani I say that if he does not defend even these rights that his administration has identified in the citizenship rights, then he will be relegated to the position of being a mere “coordinator among agencies ” - as president Khatami famously declared – much sooner than he suspects.

An Iranian Request for South Africa
Sunday 06 Apr 14

I know the international discourse over Iran can be complicated. Iranian rights defenders welcome the nuclear negotiations and the removal of sanctions, but cannot hide our fear that closed-doors negotiations will result in less attention to abuses in Iran. Human rights should not be negotiable.

Should We Believe What We Hear?

It appears that a major shift has taken place, even though very late. The need for change has been recognized at the higher echelons of power. Coming at this level, the message brings hope.

A Historic Kiss
Saturday 11 Jan 14

Without any doubt, Nourizadeh has probably lost many of his old and new friends with his kiss and photograph. But so what?

What Rouhani Can and Must Do for Iran's Women

What is clear is that the administration and its sub-organizations have plenty of opportunities and abilities to create a safe and healthy environment for providing welfare, education, occupation, recreation, and a public voice for women.

Hard Times for Iran’s Spokesman
Tuesday 21 Aug 12

How can one expect the foreign ministry to intervene in the execution of Iranians abroad when the Iranian judiciary hangs people in public and ridicules the protests of the world community against its practices and violations?