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salam salam

Hello. So we have not met yet, have we? My name is Azadeh Pourznad. My nickname is Azi. Nice to meet you. I am 20 years old. I, of course was born in Iran and in my beloved city Tehran. I finished the second year of high school in Iran and then ‘the wind’ brought me to the US. I finished high school in the state of Maryland which is part of the greater DC area. I am now a student at Oberlin College in Ohio. My university is famous for being liberal, artsy and creative. This year is my third year and my major is Comparative Literature. I have two minors in Hispanic Studies and Creative Writing.

I live in an apartment on campus with my best friend who is from Turkey. We have a lot of fun together. Even though we have very different personalities we get along very well. She is very calm and ladylike. I, on the other hand panic about small things and am not as fashionable as my friend and housemate!

Aside from school I do other stuff, too. I tutor special education kids in an elementary school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I love going to this elementary school and spending time with those precious creatures. I am a student senator which means that on Sundays I have to attend 3-hour-long very hectic plenary sessions. I am one of the founding members of the Middle East Student Association of Oberlin. And I am the Public Relations Coordinator of Iranian Alliances Across Borders. This organization is literally the love my life these days.

What else? Oh, yeah. And my parents. My mom is Mehrangiz Kar. She has a fellowship at The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard in Boston. My dad is Siamak Pourzand who has been a political prisoner for a few years now. Although he stays in his little apartment in Iran right now due to many health problems, he is officially a political prisoner. My older sister, Lily lives in Canada.

I am extremely busy this semester and since I am a social butterfly as well as an academically ambitious person, I always have a really hard time managing my time. For instance right now I am supposed to be doing school work!

I have many things to tell you. Infinite stories…And of course I also have a paper due in 43 hours. So I have to go right now. But I will be back with stories.

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