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I translated the poem 'sargozasht' by sohrab sepehri from Marge-Rang and I am going to recite both the fasri and english version in our school's annual translation symposium tomorrow afternoon.

By sohrab sepehri

The sea is roaring
no one is visible at the shore, in the sea
there is no darker spot in the sea
that could turn into a boat
if the boat comes close
remained at the shore
the night has poured a boat on its head
in an unclear path, it has taken its body into the bitterness of comprehension
no one is there to arrive
and push it to the sea
and in this time that each pommel of water
speaks with hidden ears
a distressed wave arrives
and tells us of the path
and tells us the tale of a long night;
he had gone fishing that night
to catch from the water
something that was attached
to a dream of a sleep
the morning of that night in the sea
in which no wave was hitting its body against the other
the eyes of fishers saw
a boat in the water that was
giving the news of the bitter accident of the night before
the shore pulls the boat aside towards its sleepy drought
in the same spot that it has been
in this sad moment of stillness
and close to him
the sea is roaring
that wave arrives to say again
of a stormy night
a story that is not too long