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Argentina (1)



First of all: Hola ¿Cómo están ustedes?
I am just fine…chilling in Buenos Aires. I got here 4 days ago and at the moment I am as confused and clueless as an individual could ever be. But that’s ok. I am used to being confused. I have been confused in the US for a few years and that is why I am pretty much used to being a newcomer. As you probably know it’s summertime in here right now and classes won’t start till 10-15 days from now. We are having our orientation for the next two weeks.
I must say, I feel kind of lonely in here. Well, although I am very Americanized and everything, it’s hard for me to understand north Americans outside the US. I guess as an Iranian who has experienced immigration during the past few years, I have different methods of learning about other people and their culture. My American friends want to see and experience everything that exists in Argentina like NOW, whereas my experiences tell me that there is no way I can see everything in here. To me, going to a convenient store and observing the people there is as interesting as going to a beach and exploring the touristy areas. That is why, I feel lonely these days. I have been walking for hours in the city and love every second of it.
For those of you who like ‘ladies’, I must say that you are missing out for not being here. Women are young girls are absolutely gorgeous here. Argentineans are usually have European (Italian, Spanish, Germany, and Eastern Europe) backgrounds. So you can imagine European figures with Latin American style. It’s unreal. And men are, of course, often very handsome….tanned skin, tall, skinny with light eye color.
The tango festival started yesterday in Buenos Aires and today I am going to see a tango show with my host mom, Eva, who is a beautiful 35-year-old psychologist, her boyfriend and her friends. I will upload pictures in here later. Right now I am in the library and don’t have my camera with me.
I will write more about here. I have to organize my thoughts and overcome this current state of confusion. But I miss you all a lot and wish you were here with me….

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