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Today was one of those days….No kidding…

March 4th
It’s 5 in the morning and I have just gotten home after having walked for something like 4 hours (3 hours with a friend and the last hour or so I was alone). Since I have been walking a lot lately, my feet hurt so much that sometimes during the night I wake up to a flowing pain in my feet and my legs. But, walking on the streets of Buenos Aires is by far my most favorite part of my stay in Argentina.
Today was such a day… At first I watched a little dog get run over by a car. I literally watched a happy-go-lucky-looking dog moan for a few seconds and die. A few other girls who were passing by and watched this scene started to cry.
Then in the afternoon when I was walking back home I realized that the sky was covered with black smoke. The sound of sirens was making me deaf. The highest floor of a building (maybe the 20th floor or something like that) was on fire. There were many fire trucks on the street and they had created an unbelievable traffic situation in that neighborhood. Pedestrians and drivers had all stopped to watch this fire scene which was getting worse and worse every minute.
A few minutes ago when I was walking back home, I witnessed a really bad car accident. Driving in this city is all about survival. People drive in between the lines, people drive ridiculously fast, cars stop very close to one another and cars simply don’t stop for pedestrians. Anyways, as I was walking I heard something like a small explosion noise and when I looked to see what had happened, I saw a car literally flying from one side of the street to another and another car had stopped right in the middle of the intersection. So much smoke was coming out of the car and the driver was trying hard to get out of the car. Though, his attempts were futile since he was locked in the car. Knowing that a car in such condition could explode any second, made it unbearable to stay next to other pedestrians and watch. When I left that intersection some people had already proceeded to help the drivers and other people in the cars.
And also tonight I met up with a very good friend from my school, Oberlin in the US. She, in fact, used to be my best friend. She is also here in Buenos Aires with a different exchange program. After having had a really long talk about how we both have failed to be there for each other for the past year or so(of course we both blame each other for it), she took a taxi, said goodbye to me as if I were a complete stranger and left. After she left, I had a really hard time locating myself. For a few seconds I was very confused about where I was in the world and in life in general. Another person had taken off from my life. I feel that lately I have been saying goodbyes to friends and am meeting many new people. “People come and go during our lives”, no? But when you put ‘friends’ instead of ‘people’, it becomes a much stronger sentence…. I feel that many things are happening in my personal life all at the same time and every night before I fall asleep, I think to myself, “Wow, I am entering a very different stage in life”. Though, I must say as much as I am excited to live this new life, I am scared of the way I am losing some friendships and am in a way leaving a world behind. Let’s not talk about this thing anymore. It makes me want to cry and I have abandoned myself from crying during my stay in Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires is an amazing city. Beautiful and ugly. It’s an intense city. I like it!
P.S. My camera has stopped working. :( I am going to try to get it fixed soon.
P.S. I also have some funny things to say. but now I have to run.

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