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feeling at home

I have been here in Buenos Aires since February 28th. I have spent days and nights walking around, studying, partying, laughing and sometimes crying in this city. I already feel that I belong to this city.
Last night after having had Thai food with my friends, I decided to walk home which is an activity that I dearly love in Buenos Aires. Walking for hours and looking and observing and thinking...Walking in Avenida Corrientes, I was thinking about how much I will miss Buenos Aires. I have discovered a new self in this city. After having spent only a few months in Buenos Aires, every neighbourhood, store and corner reminds me of distinct feelings and memories. I already am a regular at certain cafes, restaurants and stores. The cashiers of the laundry place and the grocery store already know my face and my accent as if I had lived here forever. I already know how to get from Avenida Santa Fe to Belgerano to Callao to Corrientes to Cordoba to Porto Madero... I have already learned a lot about the dynamics of my classes. I have finally learned to understand the argentine logic. I have already learned about the strong sense of patriotism that exists in Argentina. I already know all about different argentine brands. Dulce de leche now brings a sweet familiar taste to my mouth.
Oh, Buenos Aires, que sé yo(what do I know?), you are now one of my many homes….


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