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They Need Our Help!

I am usually very hesitant when it comes to making bold statements. But tonight is different. My head hurts, my body hurts, my brain hurts. I am worried.I want to scream at the
world and especially at us Iranians who live abroad. I want to tell them that SILENCE IS THE WORST. I think that if we do not use the freedom that we are given in the West to talk about what our countrymen are experiencing, we are helping the process of repression and violence in Iran. PLEASE speak out about what just happened to Iranian women at the demonstration for women's rights in Tehran. Tell the world that they were beaten, that they were arrested, that some of them are now disappeared, that the family members of some of the organizers were even arrested. Tell the world about the demands for which these women are fighting.Let the world know that Iranian women are being punished crucially for being women. Please do not choose to remain silent. That is the worst. Given the characteristics of our time SILENCE is a crime. We have responsibilities. We have to support any sincere movement that is born against all forms of discrimination and against violence. We have to use, if nothing, at least the freedom that we have in the West to speak out about the cruelty that is happening in our beloved Iran. True, we all have dear ones left in Iran and some other attachments that might hold us back from being able to speak out. But the least we could do is informing the world.
We shouldn't stop ourselves from thinking about what these Iranian women have to face tonight in unknown detention centers. On the contrary, we need to imagine, imagine the details of these women's conditions tonight.Yes, it is just like a nightmare. But guess what, what is our nightmare is now the reality of their lives and their families┬┤ lives. They did not protest only for themselves. These woman have been dedicated enought to risk their lives. They NEED our help. SPEAK OUT!
*The photos are from Arash Ashoorinia┬┤s website

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