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On Women's Demonstration

I translated this piece from Bahar's weblog

On Women’s Demonstration
I have stayed at home. I have a final exam tomorrow. My father didn’t let me participate in today’s demonstration. I am worried. I am sending Elnaz an SMS. She is not answering. Amir is saying that they are beating up our friends. He is saying that they are very violent. It reminds me of the way they were beating up people on International Women’s Day.
I talked with Elnaz. They have seriously beaten them all up. They have arrested some. I am nervous. They have arrested some of the students of my university…
Kosoof http://www.kosoof.com/archive/2006/Jun/12/425.php
(look how wildly they are pulling my friend away on the ground!)


Thank you so much dear Azadeh for your great job. I'm collecting all the links in English and update my last post constantly. I add the links to whatever you translate to that post.

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